Create Your Dream Dining Setup

BRING YOUR DINING VISION TO LIFE with Shanamm Home Essentials Round Placemats Set of 6.
Our boho placemats are made of natural water hyacinth that brings the beauty of nature to your table and elevates any dining space

Dine In Style, Naturally

Searching for a placemat that serves its purpose and complements your unique style? Discover the Magic of Shanamm Home Essentials Set of 6 Table Placemats — a beautiful handwoven placemat that’ll transform any setting into a natural paradise!

Set And Store

No more stressin’ out about finding a spot for your dinner plate charger after a feast. Our complete set has covered you with a storage solution that makes tidying up a breeze! The best part? The storage doubles as trendy decor to showcase your favorite collections

Handle The Party Like A Pro

Be it your juice fixes, soft drinks, water or any of your favorite beverages — our placemat storage has got your serving tricks! Place the drinks inside carefully, and with the convenient handle, transport them easily. Let the party flow as our placemat holder takes your hosting to a whole new level

The Key to An Elevated Table Setting

Fill the missing piece in your dining setup with our round placemat. Its 12.5” diameter speaks volumes that can’t be ignored.
Not only do they add style, but they also serve as a protective layer to prevent scratches and heat damage caused by sizzling hot dishes and kitchenware. Bring on the deliciousness without worry!

A Versatile Placemat You Deserve

Whether you’re placing your dinner plates over the placemat, using them as a decorative piece to showcase your vases, or safely resting your hot pans to avoid mishaps, our versatile placemat will be your ultimate companion. Enjoy peace of mind knowing you have found the perfect all-in-one solution to elevate your dining experience!

Create Memorable Dining Moments with Shanamm
Home Essentials Set of 6 Table Placemats!

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