At Shanamm Home Essentials, we believe every meal should be a memorable experience. That’s why we’ve created the woven farmhouse placemats that’ll add a touch of sophistication to any table setup.

Made with 100% water hyacinth, these set of 6 woven placemats bring a boho vibe to any occasion, whether it’s a family dinner, outdoor gathering, or nature-themed wedding. The unique design of these placemats for dinner tables ensures that your table setting stands out, making your party experience truly elevated.

Our dining placemats comes with a storage holder with two handles, making it a versatile tray that can be used as a decorative centrepiece on your coffee table. You can even use it to store your favourite books, houseplants, or toiletries. With our beautifully braided placemats and storage holder, the possibilities are endless.

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